An Appeal to Scooters 1

Here’s a funny one. Today, I’m out for a walk. I’m heading up balmes to the cross of balmes and provença. A guy on a scooter drives past me. He looks to be real old about 10 years older than me. He’s held up at the crosswalk, so I reach it–just after the light changes and he takes off—continuing in the direction I am going. There is a lot of pedestrians in the crosswalk so he must slow down further. Standing beside him, close enough that he can hear me. I say, “No es para aquí, Señor. Hay demasiado jovenes y abuelas.” Then I lower my head, as speaking up like this is always uncomfortable. We exchange no additional words. He removes himself from his scooter and walks the rest of the way to the bicycle lane.

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